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Research Purpose

We are the first in the world to develop a brain wave analyzer for school purposes. We are supplying numerous research teams that have not been able to carry out brain wave analysis research because of the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars cost for current equipment despite the fact that brain wave research is of paramount importance in fiends such as medicine, engineering, rehabilitation, foods, oriental medicine and sports.
Function: School experiment purpose brain wave measurement and analysis program.

Purpose of Use
1. Analyze brain waves, eye conduction, and other fine signals
2. Real-time comparison and analysis of previous data and current measurement data
3. Brain wave analysis test based on physiological model
4. Analysis of the drug properties in food based on brain wave measurements
5. Analysis of a patient’s brain wave response to acupuncture and moxibustion
6. Analyze a patient’s will power during rehabilitation using rehabilitation tools
7. Analysis of concentration for males, females, youth, and elderly
8. Analyze the brain wave response to nearby visual material information such as games, or TVs
9. Analyze sleeping status
10. Analyze theses of various research topics and experimental data

Use : University Laboratory Research in Various Fields Applicable for various fields (Medicine, engineering, biology, food science and technology, oriental medicine, sports center, rehabilitation science and technology, etc.)

1. Default Screen of the Brain Wave Analysis Program
If you set a measurement time you can record in real time until the desire deadline
Research Purpose

1. We have simplified the operation of the program so that anyone can easily export and analyze EEG data.
2. You can sort the EEG signals based on their frequencies, and can easily analyze the Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta regions.
3. It is easy to analyze in real time the real time EEG signals with the FFT.
4. A timer function is sued to allow the user to automatically record data for a desired time.
5. A analysis function can be used to cumulate the recorded data to make an analysis based on frequency ranges.

2. Brain Wave Measurement Screen
If run, the frequency analysis results and the brain wave function status are displayed for the entire time period of the file.
Research Purpose
Brain Wave Analysis Screen

The visual representation above is the analysis of brain wave frequency during a static state of sleep and active state (while playing a game). Brain waves are distinguished in 5 major waveforms: Delta Waves(0.5~4Hz), Theta Waves(4~8Hz), Alpha Waves(8~13Hz), Beta Waves(13~30Hz), and Gamma Waves(30~50Hz).

3. Recorded Data Screen
The static sleeping status data below is of a 5 minute measurement during a shallow sleep of a subject taking a nap at around 2pm.
Research Purpose
Recorded Data Screen

4. Comparison of a Subject’s Static (Sleeping) State and Active State
Research Purpose
1. Static (Sleeping) State

You can clearly see after measuring and comparing the two types of brain waves of a sleeping subject that the overall brain wave frequency levels are decreasing while the Delta Wave levels are increasing.

Research Purpose
2. Active State

The Active State data was measured while the subject was concentrating on playing a game at 3pm.

5. Comparison Analysis Screen of a Control Brain Wave Status and Experiemntal Brain Wave Status
Comparison Analysis of the control brain wave status picture on the left and the experimental brain wave status on the right.
Research Purpose
Research Purpose Brain Toc Toc
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

It is estimated that of the 4.8 million elementary students in our country, 260,000 of them have ADHD.
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is the most common mental disorder among elementary school students and displays symptomssuch as problems with long term attention, overreaction, aggressiveness and more.
For ADHD, various types of treatment programs must supplement pharmaceutical treatment.
Treating ADHD requires an effective program that improves concentration, memory, and learning ability but also increases the interest and motivation towards education.
It is best if cognitive-behavioral treatment to reduce a child’s aggressiveness and increase self-control, educational treatment to increase basic scholastic abilities, and various other treatment types such as play-treatment are used in combination based on the child’s needs.
As a program that can help in increasing concentration through play, Brain Toc Toc is a fascinating brain wave learner that can increase concentration through play and games.

Amnesia, Digital Alzheimer’s

As the use of digital tech increases, we do not need to use your minds as much because digital machines remember everything for us. As a result our brain function slows , resulting in digital Alzheimer’s.
Many scholars warn that the frequent use of digital technology causes the brain function to become very slow. As an example of that we refer to the modern person’s loss in concentration and memory.
As all information can be found through the internet and stored in digital equipment, there is no need to remember them anymore.
Brain Toc Toc will become a reliable brain trainer to increase concentration through play and games for those with symptoms of amnesia or digital Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s, Elderly Amnesia

The Department of Health and Human Services recently projected that by 2030 the Alzheimer’s population in our country will increase by 1 million.
Amnesia, which is typically an elderly disease, is becoming a national disease. There is even a report which reveals that for every ten people in their 40~50s , half of them worry about Alzheimer’s in their future.
Alzheimer’s is a disease whose progress can be slowed, but it is near impossible to cure.
It is a disease which requires prevention and constant attention.
You can prevent Amnesia and a decrease in concentration which are the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s with a little interest and attention.
As a concentration improvement machine, Brain Toc Toc is a brain trainer which is a must for those who wish to prevent amnesia and Alzheimer’s.

A Medical Aid for Patients with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

The greatest difficulty for patients with ALS is communication with others, which is greatly impeded by the decrease in muscular strength and muscular contraction and rigor due to the damage to motor cells.
Brain Toc Toc extracts the brain wave waveforms and sends them to a brain wave caller enabling the patient to communicate their basic needs.
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